About Me

I attended college in the middle of Dot Com Boom/Bust1.0.  I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Arizona in May of 2000.  While completing my degree, I interned at IBM in Tucson, Arizona with some very smart people who wrote and developed ADSM, which is now TSM. My desire to leave Arizona lead me to IBM in Boulder, Colorado where I was a Java developer for the Kaiser Permanente account. Eventually, I found myself working at Intel in Chandler, Arizona where I learned about the art of Agile development. Ever since, I have been on a quest to promote and practice Agile development practices in all software projects.

About This Blog

This blog is intended to be several things:

  • A collection of my thoughts, rants and views on all aspects of software development from
  • Help improve my writing skills, ala Coding Horror

Goals for This Blog

  • Keep a record of my learnings
  • Have a place to keep my thoughts on the art of software development
  • Have a place to collect various code snippets and other software development techniques
  • Remind myself often about being agile as a developer and as a person

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